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Nessa Jules

Just one spark starts the fire...

Vanesssa Jules
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I love Harry Potter, Heroes, Lord of the Rings, Wizard Rock and Charmed.
Among How I Met Your Mother, 90210, Glee, Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon) & PRETTY LITTLE LIARS :D

Books-wise, I'm big on Vampire Academy right now, it might get turned into a movie which would just be awesome, now wouldn't it?? HOWEVER, Twilight + Kristen Stewart + Robert Pattinson should go die in a hole...but Taylor Lautner should totally climb out of Twilight's patheticness and poke sticks at them :D MUAHAHAHAHA :P
yes. i'm weird.

Not that you really care, but my guilty reality show pleasure is: The Bachelorette (and kind of Bachelor Pad too) ... and now my best friend is trying to get me hooked onto Jersey Shore...which I really hope doesn't happen to me. Oh the monstrosity.

And now I also happen to be re-addicted with graphic making, icons in particular. This won't be good for my much needed revision...oh well, fandoms come first :D

<3 <3